G Tron. For Easy Life

Foundation of Company

The Gtron brand was started on 22, November 2014 based on the UAE Market with Electronic & Electrical Products. It now has been extended to all over GCC and India. The company is mainly focusing on categories like Home Entertainment ,Household Goods & Appliances, & Office Automation. Gtron’s motto is to deliver the 100% Quality products to the Middle Class individuals. Gtron has been leaded to one of the leading Electronic & Electrical brand across GCC.

Company Overview

All Gtron products have been designed after thorough market research with end consumers for utility and durability with economy and quality held paramount. All technological benefits including price are being passed on to the consumer. Gtron not only stands apart but also all amongst competitiors due to the immense R&D gone in to perfecting the product.


We offer best services in Market

Interactive Designs

We design products with customers in mind. Our focus is always on making devices usable, useful and fun, with an ever-enhancing thrust on the efficiency and intuitive hardware.

Long Warranties

Uninterrupted service and seamless care characterize the products and services of Gtron. With our mission to be a leading electronics portfolio in the region, we strive hard to meet the growing customer needs. From regular service to preventive maintenance, we make sure Gtron makes your life easy.

High Quality

Strict quality control measures have been implemented at all levels of Gtron production. We don’t settle for anything less than superior quality, and continuously innovates to deliver optimum output.

Wide Varities

Extensive range of products with the best available price is our basic motto in range development. So, indulge with our constantly improving product lines to create an ideal home.

Best Pricing

We price the product based on the value it can add to your life. Our growing customer base are always happy to pay for the cutting-edge technologies and the industry leading innovation Gtron aligns to its products.